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Secure Managed IT

Fulfilling your core mission requires your focused attention. To keep your supporting functions operating at peak performance, it might be time to look into managed services and outsourcing. RSM can provide experienced resources to address your accounting, information technology and cyber security needs. Our experienced professionals can handle your network, maintain your IT system or improve your business processes, among many other functions. This increases your efficiency, helps to control costs while allowing you to allocate your staff more effectively and, ultimately, helps to grow your business.

Why Work With Us

Raptor Firewalls offers an unlimited remote technical support agreement for your hardware and software needs at a nominal cost based on the total number of system seats maintained on subscription, please contact us for a custom quote.

  • 90% of all service support can be done remotely
  • Microsoft Windows patch management
  • Antivirus monitoring and updates

Cloud Security

Managed IT Services are the practice of augmenting or replacing management of business functions by a third-party contractor. In the last 10+ years, managed services have grown exponentially, particularly within the IT industry. Here, managed services often include the management of technologies such as core network, telephony and data backup and, in the case of legacy managed services, usually consist of core IT maintenance responsibilities like break/fix and patch management.

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