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Huntress EDR


Protection Where You Need It Most

Huntress Managed EDR is a cybersecurity solution that’s fully managed and monitored by our 24/7, human-led SOC, who detect and investigate threats, triage alerts, and provide actionable remediation steps or one-click solutions – all with a less than 1% false positive rate. We’ve got you covered, from the first hints of suspicious activity all the way to remediation, at an affordable price that doesn’t compromise quality. And when you need our help we are there for you, with a support team that has an average 98.8% CSAT score.

Your Business, Our Expertise

Huntress Managed EDR is both built and managed by our team, with 24/7 detection and response from our human-led SOC. Our cybersecurity experts investigate suspicious activity in your environment to eliminate false positives and stop attackers before they do any damage.

critical EDR features

Detection and protection against ransomware, malware, trojans, rootkits, backdoors, viruses, brute force attacks, and “zero-day” unknown threats that other EDR tools don’t catch.

Huntress Managed Security

Initial Discovery

When the Huntress agent is deployed, it begins collecting relevant data and activity associated with persistence mechanisms.

Automated Analysis

Once captured, data is automatically analyzed to highlight known threats as well as identify new and potentially malicious activity.
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Human Review

Our SOC team reviews potential footholds. If one is verified, a custom incident report is created with a detailed overview of our investigation.

One-Click Remediation

Along with the report, Huntress includes one-click execution of automated remediation actions and step-by-step instructions for any additional work that’s required.
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Endpoint Identification

By understanding exactly which endpoints have been affected by a ransomware incident, you can better assess the scope of an attack and respond as appropriate.

Light Footprint

Huntress canaries are small, benign files that take up very little space and cause no disruption for end users.
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Huntress EDR

Includes Full Version of Huntress EDR
Per Device Per Month
  • Huntress EDR
  • Ransomware / Virus Protection
  • Virus /Malware Scanning
  • Threat Detection
  • Prevention & Detection
  • 24/7 Monitoring

The Huntress Managed Security Platform

The fully managed security platform that combines endpoint detection and response, Microsoft 365 identity protection, and science-based security awareness training. There’s a reason ransomware is such a popular form of malware in the modern hacker’s tool belt: it’s effective. The sooner you can detect ransomware, the sooner you can assess the scope of an attack and activate your incident response plan. 

Like the old canary in the coal mine, our Ransomware Canaries enable faster detection of potential ransomware incidents. When deployed, small lightweight files are placed on all protected endpoints. If those files are modified or changed in any way, an investigation is opened with our Security team to confirm whether those changes are the result of a ransomware infection or malicious encryption.

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