About Us


  • A Source of Support

    As your business grows and evolves, so does the technology around it. We want to help your business remain as competitive and productive as possible, year after year, from one technical innovation to the next, by suggesting and implementing updated IT solutions.

  • Solid Solutions

    Some fixes work only until the IT provider leaves your facility. Dolphin Computers doesn’t work that way. Our extensive experience in finding real, long-term solutions instead of quick fixes assures you that those repairs will stay repaired.


We are a group of technology experts who aim to bring you & your business the most advanced technology solutions to help meet your business goals. With an emphasis on quality and customer support it is our mission to be  an instrument of greater change to your business & the community. 

About Us: Who we are…

We help businesses and medical offices fight cyber-attacks, protect data, meet compliance and reduce security risks. Dolphin Computers was founded in 2000 in Ormond Beach Florida and has been serving central Florida businesses ever since.

We work with businesses to help protect and monitor their technology and respond to emerging cybersecurity threats. Our world-class security platform is complete with powerful analytics, reporting, and automation. Expand your threat detection coverage, respond confidently, and measure improvement.

We are more than just technically proficient and knowledgeable; we aim to provide professional, accountable solutions and service to our customers. You’ll see the difference at every step of the way – communication, project management, service, and follow up.